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Chinese cooking classes

anne_kmg (16 posts) • 0

Hi everyone,

I would love to learn how to cook Yunnan/Chinese food and to be able to actually identify what's sold in the markets. There seems to have been a discussion started on this topic already but that was two years ago...

Any updates on who might be offering cooking classes?

Cheers, Anne

Narci (2 posts) • 0

Anna,my name is mei and im from dali, right now i live in kunming,i love cooking and i used to giving cooking classes to the visiters to dali when i lived there in the old town . i will be happy to teach you how to cook local food and share my knowladge about vegs with you.
my no is 13187446579
my email is [email protected]

123go (145 posts) • 0

cctv-news used to has chinese cooking program,very lovely,real chinese dishes. Not sure if it still on now, since they had changed the whole timetable.

anne_kmg (16 posts) • 0

Hi Hanmei and Simone,

excellent news!! I know one other girl who's interested to join us.

Will write you an e-mail directly to discuss further details.

Looking forward to starting to cook,


HollyB (7 posts) • 0

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if you guys are still in Kunming and have kept up the cooking lessons?

I am also interested in learning to cook chinese food and wondering if you started a group, or had found anywhere that gave lessons?


onlyurei (33 posts) • 0

If you know Chinese or think Google Translation will be enough, (下厨房, get down for kitchen) is a great ad-hoc based recipe content site. They also have great Android and iOS apps.

tbowers (7 posts) • 0

Hi there,

Similar to Holly, I have been wanting to learn to cook some local dishes. I understand if this class is getting a little full for one kitchen, but if there's space I'd love to join. My email is theodorebowers(at)gmail[dot]com, hope to hear from you!


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