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Hna Hotel, Kunming??

Simon1944 (6 posts) • 0

We were due to stay at the Kunming Hotel from 4 November but the travel agent says it is booked out to the government in November and wants to put us in the Hna hotel on the West Ring Road. How do they compare? If we can't stay at the Kunming Hotel where should we seek to stay. We can't find the Hna or the West Ring Road on any guide book maps.
Simon, London, England.

piers (144 posts) • 0

I don't know the HNA but can tell you that it is the other side of town if it's on the west ring road. The Kunming Hotel is bang in the centre of Kunming though not necesarily the nicest area to stay. I'd recommend looking into hotels around Green Lake - poss. Green Lake hotel, Harbour Plaza or others in this area. If you want to stay in Kunming hotel area, the Sakura hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) is directly across the road.

piers (144 posts) • 0

I just checked out the map on this site. For west ring road look in the west of map. Find Kunming Medical College. The West ring road is the road running north to south and is touched by the "g" of Kunming. The HNA isn't marked. I've got a feeling it could be a brand new hotel in what used to be the Marriott.

If you're willing to say how much you're looking to spend then people might be able to suggest hotels in that range. Try to book directly and always ask for a discount. Travel agents take commissions!

Simon1944 (6 posts) • 0

Piers, many thanks for your help. We will try for the Green Lake hotel - and then the Kai Wah Plaza. We are relaxed about price in Kunming as it is the first leg of our journey from London. We don't usually use travel agents but it seemed to make sense for our week in Yunnan. We will see if we were right.

Maldinib (12 posts) • 0

Simon,I have many friends work in Hotels,if you need my help,give me a response please,or please email me at maldinibian@yahoo.com.Hope it works!

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