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Bringing a bike to China

The Mike (19 posts) • 0


I am moving to Kunming on February 1st and I really want to bring my bike with me. What is the deal with bringing bikes into the country? Do they charge you a import duty or tax or anything? It sounds like a few of you have brought in your bikes from all over. What is the easiest / cheapest way to do it?

Thanks for your help!

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0


I brought mine without incurring any charges at all. I had very little other stuff and just whipped all the bits off my frame and stuck them in my bag. Frame got a bit of protection from some cardboard and stuff.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

As long as it's used, should be no prob with customs, etc (for personal use). You MAY want to scuff it up a little - go ride thru some mud and sorts before you box it up - give it that "authentic" used look.

The Mike (19 posts) • 0

Omgiri: yeah, bicycle. It definitely looks used enough. Great to know there are no fees or anything. How is the riding in Kunming? Is it as hilly as I imagine it to be?

Fried (24 posts) • 0

It`s a bit hilly but nothing impossible. Maybe the altitude bothers you in the beginning. If you want to go for a ride give me a call, 15288236834 or e-mail me [email protected] i have been riding around Kunming for years.

blobbles (957 posts) • 0

Yo The Mike. I bought my bike here this year by plane, no problem. Although if your bike isn't too flash and you are in the market for a new one... there are quite a few bike shops here that have the full range of bikes. The prices range from outrageous to cheap (for the same quality bike) so shop around.

There is a few of us here who MTB around the place and there are a few trails, though nothing maintained for bikers. Its mainly forestry and small farmer trails through the hills around the city. The city is pretty much flat though so no problems with hills around town.

If you are keen for a ride when you get here, put a message up on one of the cycling threads here and we can get a few people together no problems!

The Mike (19 posts) • 0

Hi everyone!

Well, I made it to Kunming with my bike and no problems. My bike box did get searched twice, however, once in the US and once in Beijing, but no questions asked.

I look forward to going for a ride one of these days soon. It is a road bike so it might be fun to do one of those day trips recommended on the travel blogs. I read the one about those guys riding to Singapore. Thats like my ultimate goal. Hope to see you around! Thanks for the advice!

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