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want to cycle?

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

I'm planning a similar trip towards Bangkok soon. 15th of January is my preliminary start date. However, I'd stick closer to the lake and make Yuxi my first stop. You're welcome to ride along on my first day(s).


hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

Yuxi from Kunming is a great first day. there's a bit of traffic and crappy surface after Jinning, but nothing unmanageable. several Ks after Jinning, you'll cross the highway on a bridge and go up a wee bit more, then after that you'll practically fall into Yuxi. it's significantly lower than Kunming. Fenghuang Lu has a decent selection of hotels.

jiangwu (33 posts) • 0

the reason why i like the route I mapped out is because it runs between two major roads which means no traffic. From my experiance, highway is ugly!!!!!!!!

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

I'm flying in to Kunming for Spring Festival, I live in Chongqing. I want to do some cycling while I'm there, maybe a 3 or 4-day trip. Do you have any suggestions? My bike skills: I'm from the Rocky Mountains in America, so they USED TO be pretty good, but I've been bikeless in bike-free Chongqing for the past 8 months, so unfortunately, I'm a bit out of shape. Is there somewhere near Kunming that would be cool to bike to or should I take a bus to Dali or somewhere first and go from there?

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