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KM GOLF driving ranges

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Call of Duty -

I am not sure where they are, but I have some friends in the business. I would be up for wacking some balls.

+86 186-8713-3709
best to send SMS first

sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

I play at the driving range in North, in the Expo Eco Town, next to the Moonlight corner.
One bucket of balls is 80 yuan, but you can buy tickets in advance. We payed 3000 yuan for 100 tickets. I think 30 yuan per bucket is a nice deal and I like this driving range.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

3000 kuai is still money but 30 kuai a bucket seems worth it. Why is it that getting large bulk discount in China always seem to require you to invest in the thousands btw? I inquired about one of those gasoline cards that all Chinese drivers seem to have some weeks ago and it turned out I had to deposit 3000 on it to get a 2 percent discount and 5000 to get 3. It seems quite a step from how things are done back in the old country. Also the bottle water company we use left their old practice of giving a discount if you buy 20 coupons at a time. Now it's 50 coupons to save 1 yuan a bottle. 50 coupons is what we use in a year or so.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

but you have to admit that having a petrol card is very handy,,not only don't you have to wait for change,,or a receipt,,but if the staff aren't awake you just fill up yourself and save yourself a lot of time and frustration,,plus often there are self serve pumps that are almost always available.

Jeff0923 (7 posts) • 0

Add me to your list of golfers. My clubs got in at the beginning of the month and I hear there are some great courses around here.


sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

3000 seems a lot at once, but saving 150 yuan each week I go (usually use 3 buckets) is pretty good.

They also have some other deals, but I dont remember the details.
Best time to play is at noon. Most Chinese run to get lunch and you have the driving ranch almost for yourself.

Call of Duty (38 posts) • 0

alright, ive found a good place to golf, they have 10 dollar specials on Tue and SAT. the bucket has about 80 balls in them, i think not so sure

its called 强林体育 Qianglintiyu, next to 南亚风情园 on Dianchi Road.

they have a gym there too, $20 yuan per session, and its usually empty so I have an entire floor to myself. good deal for $20 yuan!!

now, all i need is to find a reasonable priced course around, any suggestions?


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