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Carpet Cleaners in Kunming

ACTIFGUY (2 posts) • 0

Would anyone know of any professional carpet cleaners in Kunming? If so can you kindly share their company names, contact details and even pricing if possible. It's really hard to find

Many thanks


chinesegirlinuk (8 posts) • 0

Try Kunming Hotel 3162063 or Sakura Hotel 3165888 asking for manager on duty who speaks English - their house keeping department used to contract their cleaning service out . I did years ago with Kunming Hotel - they had professional carpet cleaner and did a very decent job on my office carpet. They may still offer the service to the public. But it won't be cheap.

ACTIFGUY (2 posts) • 0

Rugs i.e. carpets small and large that are not permanently attached to the floor. Thank you one and all for your kind assistance! :)

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

Here are a couple of different numbers for carpet cleaners.

Dr. Rug - Carpet Cleaning
For English: 6644783

138-8864-0113 A friend used this number, and she said they cleaned her whole upstairs for 500RMB. They did a good job without soaking the carpet she said.

Another friend used this number 13708457138. They charge 100RMB to come to your house and a little extra depending on the size. She said the carpet was clean after they left. They have been to her house twice to clean with good results.

Blastfromthepast (7 posts) • +4

Welcome Jakefinn. Finally after 7 years we got a proper answer on this important question. This is what Blastfromthepast likes, makes me feel less lonely.

Pity that the OP by now has died.

JanJal (807 posts) • +1

Regardless the age of this blast, as current information I'll share that at least in our neighbourhood the nearest laundry store (that also does dry cleaning) offers service to pick up rugs and return them cleaned.

Don't recall prices, but it depends on expected amount of work, nor do I think they do in-house cleaning if that's what is needed.

This is a chain store, but not remarkably bigger or otherwise standing out from any other random laundry store in the area. So those are what I'd recommend to check, if anyone has this problem.

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