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gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

Since Dan Siekman has left, someone needs to fill his void and I am the man for the job.

I want to be a part of the GoKunming Team!

Please message me and I will send you a copy of my resume.

panzai (2 posts) • 0

Sick!by the way,would you offer me a part-time job please ARTER your winning,I just want to BE part of something big,I am a English major from YNNU. MANY THANKS


laotou (1714 posts) • 0

you do understand the replacement position for Dan is uncompensated right? aka no money.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

One month trial leading to guilty conviction and execution, perhaps.

I am a moderator on another website, not in China. What we on the Website found is that those who want to be moderators turn out to be the least suitable. We even had the difficulty of having to say goodbye to two of them. Now we never consider people who put themselves forward. We have found that those who are approached, and are somewhat reluctant at first, make better moderators.

gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

I think I should be the "voice" for all laowai's in Kunming. I will represent the laowai community well.

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