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Cars don't need to stop at this intersection?

RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

We went to the 眠山森林生态公园 (Mian Shan Forrest Nature Preserve?) today. It was a decent small park west side of the town. On our way back, at the T-intersection of 滇缅大道 (Dian Mian Da Dao) and 人民西路 (Ren Min Xi Lu).

It looks like NONE of the cars stop there southbound at the red light. We did our best to cross and I almost got creamed by a Land Rover.

Are cars not required to stop on red? I know this is China and everything but this is the first time all of the cars are not stopping at the red light, so I am confused. Thanks.

tigertiger - moderator (5024 posts) • 0

Red light depends.
Turn right on red ok.
If on the top of the 'T' with the branch to the left, then it is a grey area.

If there is no cop, then it is fair game.

AlPage48 (1123 posts) • 0

I've learned there are some T intersections where traffic going straight across the 'top' of the T can proceed through the red. Follow my basic rule of traffic safety: "Look both ways before crossing a one-way street".

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

@rayinkm: Yes there are some T-intersections where thru-traffic will ignore the red. It's NOT legal - but no traffic cams so the drivers will push on thru - usually not even slowing down.

You MAY wish to publish this on the inkunming gov sponsored blog site.

RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

Thanks all.

@Allpage48. LOL, I told my wife you should never let your guard down, even in the shower, there might be a car or bike coming crashing through.

@Laotou, thanks. I went to their website and couldn't determine the right forum to post there. I was actually thinking along the line of taking these new "your police want to listen to you" initiatives seriously and report it to someone, we will see how that goes.

AlPage48 (1123 posts) • 0

@laotou. Have actually found T-intersection where the signs advise that a straight through is permitted. That's according to my wife who can read the signs 'cause I can't.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I went to a policestation right next to one of those T-intersections Tigertiger talks about yesterday. I was furious that the cars didn't at least slow down for pedestrians crossing for green, and mentioned this to the police officers. They said flat out that it's legal for cars to drive through the red light in these cases. When I mentioned that the Chinese traffic laws require cars to slow down and stop at a zebra crossing they gave me the "Mjeh, what to do?!" look.

I absolutely agree with RayinKM: When spending time in Chinese traffic you should assume that everyone else is a selfish, inconsiderate bastard with no clue about the laws, safety and curteous driving.

Dazzer (2798 posts) • 0

If you go out with the attitude that everyone else it trying to kill you, you should be much safer. Especially if you are on two wheels.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

@danmairen: That's precisely why KM has problems - the traffic "guards" (it's too generous to call them police) spout colloquial law as opposed to the written law. I've NEVER seen anyone intentionally run a red light in Beijing - in part because of the traffic cams, prolific police presence, and stiff fines.

The lax attitude of the local traffic guards obviates their value as consistent symbols of traffic enforcement. What they're really saying is they have no jurisdiction to cite violators and it's too troublesome to stop the cars and argue with the drivers - aka they're lazy and seek the path of least resistance.

I'd vote to put traffic control back(?) into the hands of the PLA. Those guys are professional in EVERYTHING they do.

@dazzer: Most cars - even the QQ toys weigh 1-2 metric tons. Any imbecile can get a license (as evidenced daily on KM streets). Same philosophy holds true in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, ANZ (no offense to Oz & Kiwis for grouping y'all together). Always drive, walk, ride defensively because somewhere out there is a 2 ton chunk of metal with your name on it.

beni9 (7 posts) • 0

Its legal at this intersection for straight trafic comming from north to pass through the red light - however only if the crossing is clear and nobody is affected by crossig through.
Same is for many T-crossings. There is usually a sign with chinese caracters on it that allows so.
So nothing wrong with the police as you as pedestrian are considered fair game. Get a car.

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