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Cheap hotel in Kunming

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Friends coming to stay and no more room in the pad. Where is a cheap but reasonable hotel for foreigners in Kunming?
An idea of rate would be nice.

I know the Camelia hotel was about 200.

Applegirl (1 post) • 0

We have room that we are not using for a few days. Its in a convient location and we need money to buy a bed so we can rent it out for longterm. A suggestion could be that your friends could stay with us for a few days in exchange for a payment of 300kui (so we can buy the bed that they also will use)

The apartment is a fresh, furnished 2:a on Xuefulu road, near to Green Lake. Those who live there is me Carl(swedish), Hanmei(chinese), and Ross(Welsh).

you were lookin for a hotel but i think that i would give it a try.

Alright. Contact us if u interested. 15912505803

gbtexdoc (217 posts) • 0

Spring City Star Hotel (春城之星酒店) is in a blind alley beside Number 10 Middle School just off Baita Lu (白塔路) near the intersection of Dongfeng Donglu (东风东路.) Rooms range from about 100 RMB per night to about 150 RMB per night, breakfast included. Relatively quiet and pleasant. I stayed there several weeks this February and was well pleased.

The downside is that your friends will need to be able to speak Chinese and taxi drivers may have trouble finding it. Also, no elevator, but it's only 4 stories tall.

Here are some reviews and a map: jinglai.bonglett.com/ctrip/kunm/61204900.html

Napoleon (1183 posts) • 0

I'd say for something livable you're looking at 200-300.

You may be able to get a 7day or HanTing for under 200 if there is one in the location you want.

Sure people will start recommending hotels or bedsits for a few jiao, but I'm talking 'normal people's' standards.

DayTrader (37 posts) • 0

Home Inn (如家酒店): they are everywhere, reasonably clean, and cheaper than these other options, and they take foreigners.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

As you come out of the Railway Station and look up Beijing Lu, you will see a neon sign up on a roof of a high rise. I can't remember the exact name but it is the ***** International Hotel. A friend stayed there, he said it was up to 3 star standard and only 150, that was 2 years ago.

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