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Donating clothes?

Laubis (14 posts) • 0

We've got some clothes to give away. Is there a kind of Salvation Army or other charity institution in Kunming that welcomes 2nd hand clothes?

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

I need 1-2 clothes for myself if the size fits. could you give me a call on 13354949490. thank you!

and I find some useful links on web that might help (I did not varify. don't know how old these links are)
昆明市民政局社会捐助接收工作站 昆明市东风东路17 0871-3135536 650011

盘龙区 盘龙区民政局社会捐助接收工作站 昆明市白云路新华村327 5621781 650051

五华区 五华区民政局社会捐助接收工作站 五华区ZGEN 3622803 650031

官渡区 官渡区民政局社会捐助接收工作站 关上双中巷8 7173030 650200

西山区 西山区民政局社会捐助接收工作站 秀验路188 8226647 650100

tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

LoL John Xie, you have really no self esteem or pride.
Laubis is willing to give those clothes to charity institutions, and you f give information, though requesting a few clothes for yourself...!
What world we live in>??!

John Xie (109 posts) • 0

hi tiger1986. I don't think its anything to do with pride or what ever. I just think we could help people in need. he is donating clothes/ why can't I be the recipient? any qualifications? shoud I go through any official review? any way I'm not "swap" with the information I provide. if I did not get the clothes,it won't upset me at all. I'm happy to see the donation goes to the right persons too.

I'm not surpised with your comments either.

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