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Internet Slow?

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

As you know, you never blaze a trail with PRC internet. Mister Censor has made sure of that, but in the last few days, my internet has gone from relatively fast (as fast as the internet gets here) to deathly slow. It is challenging American dial up for the slowest award. Is this happening to everyone, or is there something wrong with my network? I have reset router and modem, but neither has worked. So, I figured I would see if everyone else is having this problem. Thinking it might be a result of summer break and students using up all the band width playing WOW or downloading movies.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

mine has been the same. it's been too slow just to surf the net at times. i had put it down to the world cup and the way the networks are set up etc. guess you might be right tho... anyway, i hope it's ok soon.

invisible (17 posts) • 0

Why don't you contact your internet service provider (ISP)and see what's up. You could also kick their ass if the speed (www.speedtest.net/) goes bellow what they say they'd deliver (not the cached youku, qq, other chinese net bs sites, but international connections). It's also possible that more people in your yard share the router, so with more people using the net, naturally speed would go down.

I'm in Chengdu and internet seems to be slower (and latency suxxx), I suspect the reason to be maybe people are streaming the world cup games on their computers or maybe they just play around with new filters or whatnot

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Unfortunately ISPs in China couldn't care less if you don't reach the speeds you are paying for and international bandwidth is totally irrelevant to them. They will only semi guarantee your speed to a server on the same ISP within the same city.

A good site for testing local speeds is www.linkwan.net/

AlPage48 (1281 posts) • 0

Agreed on the 5am. I find the best time is early morning. Afternoon sucks!
Also, I had to change the DNS settings on my router. Seems like the great firewall is now blocking some DNS addresses (or is that MORE DNS addresses).

darcy (14 posts) • 0

My home internet is all over the place sometimes good, at others useless,
I thought i should get a pre paid internet ac for my mobile phone so of i went an purchased 2gb an setup the phone that was quite an ordeal,, but to use it is a joke, the chance it will download something international is simple no, local site like gokunming is possible sometimes but in reality it is completely useless, the usual outcome is server unavalible, conection fail.. live an learn...

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