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Where to buy American stuff

thearchitect (3 posts) • 0

I mean other than the supermarkets in Parkson...is there anywhere else that has a good selection of items at a more reasonable price?

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

You can get Chinese versions of American products made by the same multinationals at Watson's, Carrefour, Walmart, Metro and sometimes but rarely imported originals. It is usually hit or miss. Than you have the copied or fake products you can find in the small places where you may be over charged for unknown insides.

Bounce sheets may be very hard as few folks use machine clothes dryers here. The softener goes in the washing machine.
A lot of the Chinese version products are fine like Tide and much cheaper.
You can have a care package sent but it usually takes a month or more and You often have to go to the Beijing Lu post office to get it if it is still accessible with subway construction.

As an alternative I have limited amounts of real American products I have brought back to Kunming with me over the years. Irish spring bar soap, lots of cosmetics, some bottles of this or that hair care. I have a lot of skin care products from Ayur Medic Company in Westlake Village California. They are really good high level items unused. Call our office at 361-9557 or email me at irion@wirion.com

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