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Buildings torn down inside protected area

fabey (115 posts) • 0

Funny you should ask. I was actually here in Haihua dao (artificial peninsula 1) in Danzhou of Western Hainan. Word on the street is demolition orders for island/peninsula 3 buildings now rescinded as media frenzy has subsided on most international news sites for this place. Gov also changing tunes as they try to shore up the faltering industry means of acquiring funds as more offshore bond defaults loom. Evergrande still owes money to contractors/workers at this massive project site. Across the bridge on island 2 are fully developed, delivered, and occupied residential buildings depressingly filled to the brim with few open green spaces compared to yi dao. Feels like a jam packed, giant concrete prison island (er dao) with a view of container shipment port across the artificial shore. Can't imagine investors falling for the same design format for san dao. Yi dao has potential as a major tourist attraction, but stay far away from 2 and 3.

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