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Studying in Kunming on a scholarship

andrgra (1 post) • 0

Hello all,

I applied for a one-year non-degree Chinese language program last year. A week ago I got a mail that I have been accepted and to confrim I will study there. I did.

However, the mail also said that policies for international students have not yet been determined and that I have to wait until it is.

Since the school year at my selected university is starting September 1st, which is two weeks from now, I am a bit worried. I would like to start preparing as soon as possiblem but if I get notice of the policy a few days before the start of the school year, it will be near impossible to come there in a viable way.

Should I contact the university directly? The chinese diplomatic mission through which I got the scholarship said my admission documents "will be provided later this year".

Do you have any suggestions, insights or tips? I am not prepared to move to China in such a short notice whatsoever, because, as I said, until a few days ago I didn't even know if I was gonna be accepted. What should I set up and arrange beforehand (VPN, mobile number etc.)? What should I bring with me?

bucko (690 posts) • +1

You will not be going anytime soon. I am a 17 year resident and stuck from returning home since Jan. Maybe in Nov will be earliest time to get into China now.

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