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Possible free 2 month visa extension

Markus (4 posts) • 0

I went to the police station this morning.

The lady there didn't have a clue and told me that I would have to go to the PSB because it was an immigration matter.

I showed her the article. Didn't make a difference.

Police station at Xuefu Lu/ Longquan Lu.

AlPage48 (1331 posts) • 0

You need to talk to a supervisor.

That's the same answer they gave my wife on Saturday.

If you're just getting an extension to the exit date it's the local shop.

That's not the same thing as a totally expired visa.

Mine still have 5 years to go but it's the 90 day stay thing that's expiring.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • +1

I don't have an answer, but questions that come to mind are:
@AlPage48. When you say local police station. Is that the place where you get your certificate of residence for your area of the city? Or is it just the nearest police station?
@Markus, the same question to you as well.

AlPage48 (1331 posts) • 0

In my case those two things are the same.

The office for certificate of residence is within the local police station which is directly across the road from our apartment. Totally convenient for me until we move next month.

It's the certificate office that enters the exit date into your record on your normal return.

Ori_Av (1 post) • +1

I went to the local PSB in Baoshan today, and they were all aware of this extension policy. After looking at my passport, they just said that I can remain in China for an additional two months for this specific stay, with no procedures or documentation needed.

I’m on a 10 year tourist visa, with 90 days per entry.

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