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WeChat Blocked?

Love2TravelTiffany (2 posts) • 0

Before I decide to delete my WeChat and start over ughhh....Has anyone had any luck getting their WeChat unblocked when the system says that your ID Card number is not valid? My real-name authentication is verified and I have a BOC card attached to my pay, yet, it will not take my Passport No. as my ID Card number. Please help me out if you've found a work around to this issue. Thanks in advance :)

michael2015 (643 posts) • 0

Chinese ID cards have 18 digits - so try inserting leading zeroes so the total number of digits is 18...

Failing that - you'll have to contact them online (they have seriously crappy service) and send them your passport pic...

Alternative - switch to alipay...
My daughter gave up, got a new mobile number and just re-registered everything...wechat was totally unresponsive to email.

john-doe1983 (60 posts) • +2

Have you tried picking the option for 'ID type'? so instead of trying to put a passport number in a CID section, you could put the passport ID in the Passport ID section.

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