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CVV/CVC on ICBC debit card

Farah (5 posts) • 0

Hey guys, so I wanted to sit for an online test. For that I need to pay through my debit card. My debit card is an ICBC Union Pay card. So if you guys know where exactly the CVV/CVC number is on the card, that will be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance

Farah (5 posts) • 0

Do you know which bank cards do?

And how can I get one living in Kunming? That would be really helpful

john-doe1983 (69 posts) • +1

China mingsheng bank, china construction bank have them as far as I know from looking at the back of my cards. But the numbers on the back have a set of 4 digits and then a set of 3 digits, which could be the CVV/CVC numbers but I am not totally sure if they are or not.

tigertigerathome (120 posts) • +1

The CVV/CVC number will be the last 3 digits on the back.

I think the first 4 will be the last 4 of your credit card number. These are not part of the CVV number.

DanTheMan (606 posts) • +1

I'm not sure if Chinese debit cards will work on international debit systems unless those systems explicitly support UnionPay.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

That is right, I have a Chinese Visa card, that is Union Pay. It was not accepted in the two car hire places I tried in UK. Both were using the World Pay card reading system.

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