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What is wrong with Metro Market?

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

In recent month the quality of Metro Supermarket on Beijing Lu has significantly droped. A lot of items seem to be out of stock for most of the time and some of their staff seem to be not interested in their customers anymore at all. The other day I bought a piece of pork. It may as well have been packed that same day as it stated on the sticker, but for how long has this meat been lying around somewhere in their freezer before packing it??? I do not know but when I unpacked it at home to put it in the fridge it already smelled accordingly.... They did not seem to be surprised at all when I returned the meat, they just gave me the money back as this was the most normal thing in the world. I am wondering if someone has made the same observation.

piers (144 posts) • 0

The fresh meat section can sometimes throw up a few surprises but in general Metro is a far more pleasant shopping experience than Carrefour or Walmart. It's rarely crowded, there are always parking spaces and the quality of the produce is good.

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

Thanks for your constructive comment there numlock....its is comments like these that keep a forum alive!

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

What is a "prok"? It reminds me of fourth grade when someone writes on the chalkboard, "so and so is 'dum'"

Dr Doom (14 posts) • 0

Metro brought in a german general manager to whip the place into shape over a year ago, and he did. He left for shanghai at the beginning of the year and Metro has been sliding back into its hole ever since. Disapointing

numlock (6 posts) • 0

Good to see you have a keen eye for irony there tonyoad.

Sorry Beizhan, but if you improved your spelling and grammar then it might make your post more understandable/readable. Constructive?

godfear (25 posts) • 0

Last time I was there, the workers had their stock in the isle and between the cold section. It was impossible to even get by. As I pushed through, the lady was quite annoyed that I, the shopper, would disturb her and make her get out of the way.

I guess the saying is right, the worker is always right. Oh wait, isn't it customer?

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