Chinese driver's license

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Christmas is not far away, so i share this nice little prog with you, if needed:


Included all questions & answers and you also can do the test... nice one!

Good Luck, i try to get the drivers licence for Motorcycle right now. Who needs a car in Kunming if it stucks all 100 m... ;)

cu Cromson

littlepoem (4 posts) • 0

Hello everyone

Anyone still posting the test questions? I have downloaded the file from Cromson but has not been able to install or run properly.

Called the driving test place and they told me it was 1000 questions and i could go with a USB to get the questions off them. If anyone still has them and can save me a trip that would be great.

Thanks in advance = )

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Dear tim7175

would you please upload it without limitation Rapidshare is completely free to upload ! without limitation or try easyshare www.easy-share.com .

Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone,

there is also valuable information on the Shanghai Traffic website:

It gives the (a?) list of questions, also translated into several languages (some time strangely translated...).





道路交通安全法律法规和相关知识考试--法语版 => french

道路交通安全法律法规和相关知识考试--日语版 => japanese

道路交通安全法律法规和相关知识考试--西班牙语版 => spanish

道路交通安全法律法规和相关知识考试--英语版 => english

But I still have not ofund any driving book (with driving rules) to learn in english. :(

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