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Yunnan, China- 4500Y budget - solo traveller

adam77 (1 post) • 0


I am looking to go on a short travel trip to Yunnan, Kunming - cabin fever is getting to me.

There seems to be a great deal to do in Yunnan but I can only go for around 5 days (Monday-Friday). Budget is around 4000-4500 including flights.

I'm hoping to fly on tomorrow or Monday and then spend a couple of days in Kunming and then go on to Dali until Friday - returning on Saturday (by train).

Is there anything particularly beautiful? I was thinking the stone forest looks pretty cool and the Western Hills Forest Park could be good too.

I'm stopping in hostels too - any recommendations?


JanJal (902 posts) • 0

Store Forest is indeed worth a visit and can be done in a day from Kunming.

Further east in Luoping rapeseed bloomng season is over so you may want to save that for another time. Well, there are still hills. And it may take a sleepover there.

Within city, I don't think that there is anything particularly beautiful.... Dianchi you will get a look on if you do Western Hills. Everything else is pretty much man-made structures that you can see in many Chinese cities.

If mountains interest you, then there is Jiaozi Snow Mountain (not sure if it still has snow cover at this time) close to Kunming, and Tiger Leaping Gorge between Dali and Lijiang, but both may be out of your time schedule.

I believe that best photographic season here might be around end of January, when you have chance to see both Luoping hills and Yuanyang rice terraces in full beauty.

debaser (628 posts) • 0

As Janjal mentioned, Yuanyang rice terraces is another nice trip from Kunming, especially if you like photography or hiking. It's nice throughout the year and different in each season. It can be done in a (very long) day but you'd miss the nicest times - dawn and dusk.

Kunming itself has very few things to see or do apart from those mentioned above but it does have quite a nice railway museum if you're interested in trains!

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