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Chinese restaurants for the sensitive stomach?

swopat (11 posts) • 0


some friends are coming to visit Kunming.

Can you recommend any Chinese/Asia style restaurant where they use "high quality" ingredients or

the food is generally good for a sensitive western stomach?


cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Perhaps take them to eat in big shopping malls, which seems to be the middle class fashion all around Asia these days. Soulless but safe?

Cahzriel (22 posts) • +1

Try a vegetarian Buddhist buffet. They tend to source higher-quality ingredients and in general have pretty hygienic kitchen practices.

mr_woggle (30 posts) • 0

Vegetarian buffet? Wouldn't that be too oily? Might upset a sensitive stomach.

Don't go for oily or uncooked (as in salads) I'd say. Try some popular places like CuiYuan or WangFuJing.

DanTheMan (595 posts) • +1

There's a place called Tusheng Shiguan that seems to do a good job for folks with sensitive stomachs. You can look it up in the listings.

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • +1

There are lots of things that can affect a sensitive digestive system. Even vegetarian food. My mother in law can put a whole garlic bulb in one vegetable dish. That is before she puts in excessive huajiao, lajiao, and other culinary chemicals.
Fried rice can be a major cause of food poisoning, if the boiled rice has been left hanging around a warm kitchen all day before frying. Tofu can also go sour in the same conditions, and has perhaps caused me the most cases of laduzi. Perhaps two foods to be avoided if you are sensitive.

As a general recommendation, I avoid large hotels and large restaurants, as they have a large menu to keep on the go and the food can be poorly kept for longer periods before cooking.
I like a lot of the Muslim places. You know that they will have washed their hands at least 5 times a day. They also have very good beef. More for lunchtimes, but there is a big Muslim eating hall/open area (2nd floor) outside the Youngning Mosque next to JinMaBijiFang. Also there are a lot of restaurants that do the same kind of canteen buffet foods in the area around the Shuncheng Mosque. Some in the walk through covered areas. There are canteen style places that plate the food individually for each person. The advantages with these places are that they are cheap, and you can see what you are going to buy before they plate it for you. Your friends can choose the foods that take their fancy without the mystery of a menu.

If you are near NanYa on Dianchi Lu. On the opposite side of Dianchi Lu from Nanya shopping centre there is a bus stop area, for busses heading south. Directly behind the bus stop, is a Haárbin restaurant. This is northern food, mostly meats, and not spicy. They are quieter in the evening, than lunch times. One of the specials, at the top of the menu is pork back ribs, that have lots of meat on them and are reasonably cheap.

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