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From Airport to South Railroad Station?

jj123 (79 posts) • 0

What is the most convenient or fastest way to get to the south railroad station from the airport?


JanJal (1027 posts) • +1

If you take subway, you have to transfer at East Coach Station and then again at Dongfeng Square.

I'd bet that there are buses that go direct, but not sure.

Taxi or Didi of course is option that I believe would be most convenient, but depending on traffic not necessarily fastest.

"convenient" of course depends on many things, such as amount of luggage and number of people.

kingofthekerb (131 posts) • +5

Most convenient way is the 919K bus, 13yuan from the airport (turn left on exiting arrivals) directly to the train station. Runs from 11am to 10pm about twice an hour

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