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colibris79 (16 posts) • 0

Hi everyone,
I want to exchange RMB into euros. I've been to the main Bank of China office in Chenggong (春融街 Chunrong Jie) and they have said that I can only change 500 usd/euros per day, otherwise I should go with a Chinese friend and should call in advance to check that they have euros available.

I want to get something between 2000-3000 euros and I've read a couple of interesting threads:
So it seems that there are two main places to do it
1-The main Bank of China office in 人民中路 (Renmingzhong Lu) and 北京路 (Beijing Lu), Metro 交三桥 (Jiaosanqiao)
2-The ladies near the Bank of China office near 东风西路 (Dongfeng Xilu)

So I have a couple of questions:
¿Is there any way to exchange more that 500 euros in any Bank of China in Kunming without going with a Chinese friend?
¿How reliable are the ladies changing money in the street?


Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

The ladies are reliable based on many posts from those that have used them. You can even check if the bills are real at the bank with them so I've heard.

vera@gokunming (16 posts) • +1

@colibris79 as a foreigner you can exchange max 500 dollars per day at BOC, that's it. If you want to change more you'll have to go multiple days.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • +1

Unless your Chinese friend has a business license and some tax documents then I think as of a few months ago they are also limited to a certain amount. Still, bring your Chinese friend as it at least doubles the amount you can change in one day at the very least.

Bank offer the best rates, better than the old women outside but if the currency isn't held by the bank then those women are better than the exchange offices at the airport.

habibi (4 posts) • 0

Hey, I have 700 USD for exchange to RMB. If you interested let me know. I am located close to the lake / CBD.

mr_woggle (30 posts) • 0

The old ladies near the 交三桥 metro are legit. Takes about two minutes. I sometimes go there to change small amounts. I guess they would be really happy if you show up with the amount you mentioned.

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