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Forums > Living in Kunming > Warehouse or delivery d2d

I am looking for someone or a company who can help with the delivery of my things from Kunming to the seaport or any storage door2door. Unfortunately, 7seas once they received a deposit they broke rules and won't do repacking. I offer free items, money anything for help or advice. Urgent task!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Delivery company from Kunming

Do you recommend any delivery company from Kunming that can carry a small parcel to Malaysia without cost a fortune? DHL 2kg wants over 1000 yuan.. FedEx is not much cheaper.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hong-kong to Kunming by train

The fast train G312/314 running from Hong-Kong where I stay near. I just wondering how they going to check your visa. There is only 6 minutes stop in Shenzen and that's all. Are foreigners allowed to travel by train to mainland?


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