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Good restaurants?

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Is the restaurant called 椰贝 (YeBei)?

Hainan coconut chicken restaurants are gaining popularity over here. One recently opened on the fifth floor of Golden Eagle Department store (金鹰购物广场B). A pile of fresh Hainan coconuts are visibly stacked in front of the restaurant. Most coconuts in Mainland come from the coconut forests in Wenchang City, not far from Haikou. Hence, the origin of the Wenchang Chicken dish.

Here are some pictures for verification:

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To elaborate... coconuts often fall from tall coconut trees, breaking the thick exocarp & mesocarp shell layers in the process. In fact, more people on Earth die by falling coconuts than from shark attacks. The famous, free-roaming Wenchang chickens peck on the fallen coconuts as their main source of diet, as the origin story goes.

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I can't confirm the Chinese name, but the photos of the food match.

So Wenchang Chicken it is!

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Yesterday was the grand opening of Kunming's most massive shopping center Joy City (大悦城) on Huancheng South Road. The immense size of this department store reminds me of Bangkok's Central World. Dizzy big.

Many restaurants were half-off, including @Jan's coconut chicken hotpot, another Jibulu, and my favorite among all buffets, 上井 (ShangJing)...

上井 is an exquisite Japanese cuisine where you sit-at-table and order from a big menu. Haagen dazs ice creams are also all-you-can-eat. I prefer this place over all 5-star hotel buffets in Kunming. Perhaps like yesterday, lunch & dinner may also cost <150rmb today after 50% off.

Some pics:

Definitely recommend 上井 if you're a fan of Japanese food. They have several chains throughout the city. First 10 patrons every Tuesdays @5pm also enjoy half price.

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