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Naming your child

alienew (423 posts) • -2

No, number 6 - everyone born on a Saturday has a code number beginning with 6, followed by, in order, the date (10202018), time to the second, precise latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds (followed by N or S and then by E or W, as appropriate) of place of birth. Those without all of this data shall go through life without hukou and so must stay at home, where they shall have free 24-hour lifelong Internet access.

JanJal (693 posts) • +1

@Nicepal earlier gave exact description of the complication we have with our sons name. He too is "Chakou" instead of "Jack".

But the Pinyin version of the Chinese name (so far) has only appeared on our sons Chinese passport (because passport should be readable in other countries as well), in every "China-only" document it has been his Mandarin spelling.

For his foreign passport (if we get it), we (or himself) can go through the formalities of changing the name to "Jack", after getting initial passport with "Chakou".

Other countries may have different regulations governing the name that should appear on passport.

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