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If you land a worthy man, please return and share with us your success story! Whether Jiayuan, your other apps, places per above recommendations, or "Toastmaster division champ" (lol) that did the job. Cheers!

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The most eligible, sophisticated and handsome English speaking men are all taken within weeks. These local Chinese girls don’t mess about. There may be a few old dregs left mooching around the city or slumped in a bar in Dali though. Good luck!

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I've just moved to Kunming. I wanna make new friends here too. I’m chinese, but still find it difficult to meet people here. There’s a big age gap between me and most of my colleagues in the law firm.

So I would be very glad to go to such kinds of activities also if you can find one.

Ocean (1097 posts) • +1

It sorta depends what you enjoy and what your situation is. Sports? Cycling? Eating? Cinema? Sightseeing? Socialising? Volunteering? Do you have kids? Do you want to practise your English? There are lots of opportunities to make friends - just take the plunge with something you enjoy.

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It is usually a bit of a mistake to join a club to just make friends, as you can get bored very quickly and that makes you look unapproachable.

Join a club that does something you will enjoy, and making friends just happens.

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