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We chat pay ( help)

Matjaz Pinter (10 posts) • 0

It really looks like a different issue on my side. If I try a different name, it says right away that this name is not the same as the one on the card (+ if I try different names, for every invalid name I get a sms from the bank). When I enter it upper case it lets me through to the sms verification - when I do that in the very last step after I enter my payment 6 digit password, it says:"Please add a bank card subscribed with Mainland China ID card to complete real name authentication."

I've been to the bank. Not very helpful, but they confirmed that the info I am entering is correct and they were all really surprised when at the last step that message popped up.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

If you open a debit bank account in China you should be having no problems. You really need to double check what you are doing. I have 3 debit card, one from The bank of China, Bank of communication and the other from China Merchant Bank. I don't have any credit cards.

You are probably over looking some minor detail I'm sure of it. You not special believe me.

Matjaz Pinter (10 posts) • 0

Yes, in theory you are right. I've double checked everything with the bank (I've changed the language of my wechat app to Chinese and they also had a go). No one seems to know what is the problem. The name, and the passport number are correct - and it allows me to proceed to the next step (which with other versions of my name it doesn't) so it should be fine. The mobile number verification then works fine as well.

So it is indeed a mystery. I will try after some time again and see if the issue resolves itself, it's kind of my only option left :)

Philou (208 posts) • 0

Maybe try alipay to see if it works... It's also a good options for mobile payments.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Matjaz already has Alipay working from what she/he wrote. He/she is having the same problem I had when I first tried to add cards to Wechat.

trice (35 posts) • +2

I wasn't able to get mine to work either and finally asked at the bank lobby desk - a very persistent helper there figured out that I needed to have the bank add my phone number to my account. after that it worked without a problem. Not sure if yours is the same problem, but it's worth a try.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Yes. Make sure that the telephone number is the one registered at the bank.

ricsnapricsnap (186 posts) • 0

Try also this:
Have somebody sending you 1Y. The wallet will become active.
Add the bank cards after this.
It may work only then.

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