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Working Visa Renewal

mooonlight (8 posts) • 0

Hi! I would like to know if anyone knows what's the procedure to renew the Z Visa when you change the company you are working for.
Anybody got update news about that?

vicar (818 posts) • +2

It's done as a transfer between your current / previous employer and your new one without the applicant having to leave the country. It's the easiest visa process. If you left on bad terms, the visa has already run out, or you were fired, it can complicate matters significantly. Your employer should know this and if they aren't offering the correct advice then there's is something wrong.

mooonlight (8 posts) • 0

Ok! Thanks for your replies!
Of course I know that going to ask to PSB would be the best option, but since I don't have much time for that, I was wondering if anyone already did it recently!
I'm not being fired, I want to change company, got good relationship with both the new and the old company!
Thanks again!

debaser (635 posts) • 0

@mooonlight - IN THEORY if your relationships are really good with both employers then it should be a simple procedure... just a matter of transfering the visa (as Vicar said) but your old and new employers should do this between them and you shouldn't need to do much (if anything). In my case the new employer messed up and missed the deadline for transfer. IN PRACTICE a hundred things can go wrong and any one person or single 'missing' paper could be reason enough for your transfer to be rejected. Try to plan everything well in advance and have a contingency plan just in case. Good luck!

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