Best VPN service in Kunming

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Why should a head office location have any bearing at all on how well anything works? Furthermore, anyone who treats China as a single location needs to take a more learned approach to geography.

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if it

is based in hk it probly has a bak dor. designed for uknowhoo if so it will hitt less warls

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For what ever reason, with China Unicom mobile I regularly get better ping to Australia than Hong Kong.

Does not happen with our home internet, nor I have seen it happening with China Mobile -

only that specific mobile provider.

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No, it is when selecting which server to connect to in my specific vpn provider. They have servers in many places, but Perth, Australia nearly always gives fastest ping.

Also South Korea has usually faster ping than HK on any network that I have tried from Kunming.

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Yes, I'm just really curious as to why Australia would give faster ping than HK, South Korea or Japan. And only on specific mobile provider. I cannot imagine that they have their own cable to Australia.

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I am facing the same problem now, I am going to visit relatives in China recently. But China has been restricting access to foreign websites, I have to consider VPN. I want to buy cheap ones, such as Private Internet Access and IPVanish. Do you have any other suggestions?

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There are many 'free' VPN services to consider. Express were offering a trial period... I don't know if they still are.

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The logical solution is not too many Aussies in china - so the number of content filters entering and exiting for Oz based IPs is significantly lower than the filters for the EU, JPN, TWN, HKG, and USA...and the utilization of the Perth POP from China - most probably negligible.

My provider recommended I use a POP in India - she was obviously customer service based in India...stupid people everywhere.

To determine path and why PING is so fast - just use the intrinsic app <tracert> which is a trace route - it lists EVERY non-hidden IP address along the path in and out of any particular destination - and yes - we can control paths in AND out - it's unusual - but can be done, to separate inbound vs outbound traffic for filtering. For MacOS - use the NETWORK UTILITY - select the Traceroute tab and enter the web or IP address of your intended destination.

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