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NinaC (25 posts) • 0

If you take bus 79 north, just after turning right off of Longquan Lu there are many outdoor nurseries selling trees and plants.

Also, I see people biking around Beijing Lu near Jiang Dong Hua Yuan selling houseplants from their bike carts.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I can't find 'index cards'!!!!! Where can I find these 5x7 handy cards?

rlowe (25 posts) • 0

I just bought some great homemade granola at Paul's 15RMB. Yun's Homemade Granola. Better then that dry stuff in the 50RMB bags in the back

cocobee (10 posts) • 0

I can not find AEROSOL hair spray??? They have the same pump hair spray in every store and it SUCKS!!! Could anyone help me find an AEROSOL can of hair spray?

dougwyu (6 posts) • 0

Index cards are not available here, but something resembling card stock can be bought at Metro and cut down. We gave up on Blu-tack, and ended up buying some from the states (aka UHU is the German brand).

dougwyu (6 posts) • 0

We'd like antiseptic hand gel, peptol bismol, and confit de canard.

also, decently priced good wine.

atomic (156 posts) • 0

Maybe you could try the hospitals for the antiseptic gel and peptol bismol? I had a hard time finding floss here for example, until it occurred to me to ask a dentist where I could find it and he sold me a couple of spools.

You can't get good wine in China unless your willing to pay a premium for the imported stuff, apparently this is because the chinese add too much sugar to the local stuff. If your really interested, there's an episode of dear amber that explains the why's of this, called moving house and chinese wineries.

What's confit de canard?

JJ and Janice (324 posts) • 0

"confit de canard" is an acronym - - we use a lot in English.
con = convict
fit = fitness
can = slang for jail
ard = short for lard
So "confit de canard" is a fitness program for convicts to get the lard off while they are in jail.

You don't need to thank me for the info.

Cheers - - JJ

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