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badger (1 post) • 0

Dear all,

My company (based in England) specialises in exporting goods to China. If you ever need any items you cannot find in Chinese supermarkets etc drop me a line and i can arrange to get this sent out to you.



FranknFrankn (16 posts) • 0

Wine.....ive been reading about the availablity of good wine in Kunming, im a wine producer here in South Australia and travel quite regularly to Kunming, (4 - 6 times each year), I have good south australian wine available there if anyone is inetersted, and can deal direct with my impoorter / distributor, I don't comment on anoyone elses wines but i can tell you our wines are great, you won't be disapointed with the quality or prices either.
I'll be in Kunming next month if anyone is really stuck and despreately needs something I'm happy to bring it with me if i possibly can. Just contact me.
Sorry if ive stepped on anyones toes here, its the first time ive posted.
You can email me on frank@traminer.net

atomic (156 posts) • 0

I don't suppose anyone knows of anywhere in Kunming where I can purchase some proper fruit cake?

Elisa (174 posts) • 0

I know this thread is old, but I ran across it on a search -

I found hand sanitizer at wal-mart in both a big jug and a travel size.

Pepto...still looking (though not very hard...I have a box I brought from home knowing it would be difficult to find)

I'm looking for small dry-erase boards (like A4 sized). I just started looking though, so I assume I'll find something.

Smillz (31 posts) • 0

Elisa- For Pepto...you may want to try looking around at pharmacies for boxes labeled Bismuth subsalicylate- I've found at least with allergy medicine that sometimes the pharmacies have the same stuff, its just called something different. For small dry erase boards, I think I may have seen some at Metro- or you could also look at teacher supply stores like the one on Wen Lin Jie (watch for lots of globes and fake skeletons).

As for myself, the thing I'm having the hardest time finding in Kunming is jeans. Is it impossible to buy jeans here if you aren't stick thin or have an aversion to "bedazzlement"? I'm not obese or anything, but you'd think so after a few fitting room fiascoes!! Any ladies who are in the size 9-10 range who have had any luck, please let me know!!

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

Try "Gingko's". I can find nearly everything Western in their grocery dept. I use the one near the intersection of Baita Lu and Tuodong Lu(1 street north). There's a few in town. I would imagine that they're all somewhat similar. They carry real deorderant, snack foods, condiments, whatever.

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

I stand corrected. Not all Gingko's are created equal. I understand that only the above mentioned Gingko's has all the western "luxuries". The grocery is located down in the basement. You enter through the escalator located outside the building on the south side or inside by the escalator located near the back of the store.

TeacherAshley (21 posts) • 0

This thread is old but I'm hoping some more experienced Kunmingers can help me out.

Some friends of mine and I are getting together to make a Thanksgiving dinner. My job is pecan pie. I can find most stuff, except corn syrup. I've been to Metro once or twice, but the place is so big I get a little lost. Has anyone seen it around or do I need to see about getting it from Hong Kong?


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