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one to one Chinese classes - school with visa.

wagabunda (12 posts) • 0

hey hey everybody

Im interested to study Chinese. I have been studying for

some times already. I think one to one classes would be better for me now.

Im looking for some courses which provide one to one classes with student visa.

I have checked some of the but most of them are rather expensive and Im not sure about quality.

Can you recommend some good courses and possible how much it is.

Thank you very much

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Keats is, or was when I studied there in the past, good, but one-on-one there wasn't cheap.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • 0

one2one is always gonna cost a lot more. think cost of classroom as well as teacher is not split. most schools look to group classes being minimum 6 to be viable at group rates.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • 0

it is going to be more than double, but see if if you can do small group, maybe two or three. still gonna be cheaper than studying a language many other countries

alienew (423 posts) • 0

@Jerorn: Easy to arrange for a foreigner, as there are more native Chinese speakers wanting to improve their English than there are foreigners who want to practice/learn Chinese. It can be useful, although your average person is not a trained language teacher.

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

Most likely, there are such private teachers who will be able to help in obtaining a visa, but, based on my experience of starting education in this city, I would not immediately resort to their services. And I would not have relied on private schools either. I noticed that they have no special interest in your successful teaching. A screen is created. If a person is interested in an early and successful learning of the language, then he should go to specialized universities, where there have specialized materials and methods for teaching. It will be a bit expensive, but if you summarize the time spent on private schools, and the level of knowledge acquisition at the university, this moment will smooth out the imbalance. Then, the grammar will have to be taught by yourself, since many teachers can not explain anything, and you will be sitting in perplexity. I would use private teachers as a springboard to improve pronunciation and phonetics.

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