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Swimming in Kunming

kathryn (27 posts) • 0

The weather is heating up and I'm looking for a pool/place to swim in or around Kunming.

I'm not looking for a lap pool.

Can anyone suggest a nice hotel pool or river/lake somewhere close by?

would be great to lay in the sun aswell.


piers (144 posts) • 0

Grand Park Hotel by Green Lake has a small outdoor pool. Not sure how much it costs to use if you don't get their gym membership.

Xiefei (528 posts) • 0

There is a nice outdoor pool at Chunyuan Xiaoqu (West side of town, near Wicker Basket). However, they've got a big construction project nearby, and I'm not sure how that affects the pool.

The other outdoor one is at Jinkang Yuan Xiaoqu in the north.

misseward (35 posts) • 0

Just wanted to check and see if there were any amazing new lap pools for swimming that might have suddenly popped up that aren't mentioned on here yet? hahaha. keen to get my swim on. you know with all this rain and stuff.

NinaC (25 posts) • 0

There is an outdoor pool at Jiang1 Dong1 Hua1 Cheng2, in the far northern part of Kunming near the northern Beijing Rd. Walmart. Some people swim laps in the pool and kids play around. The pool has a couple of diving boards. Swimming costs 15 yuan for non-residents and the facility has showers, lockers, changing rooms, etc. in the adjacent clubhouse (look for the building with big gold letters spelling "Club" by the bus stop). On the weekends, there is a musical fountain display in the nearby plaza that you can view while chillin' in the pool mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

andrew1960 (9 posts) • 0

hey Kat, get yourself out to the Hongta center near Dainchi...heated pool plus every other sport...huge bowling alley, ice skate, etc...god I miss Kunming.

Andrew in Australia

jessie3152 (1 post) • 0

I am Jessie.I am a local peopel.I know a nice lake near the kunming,and also another inside or outside swimming pool.I like swimming.I began to receive the swimming training when I was six years old.I have won the silver medal at the swimming race of the Yunnan Province.If you interest in,you can contanct me with my e-mail:[email protected] I can help you and make friend!

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