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Getting piercings

TAEYEON (9 posts) • 0

I've found some older threads but maybe someone has some new info.

Are there any places in Kunming where you can get piercings? I want to get one (or more) new cartilage piercings in my ear but I don't know where I can go to get them.

Sabrina Dawn (1 post) • 0

You can go to basement 1 of Zhengyifang(正义坊). There are some shops selling ear rings and doing manicure can do piercing.

ricsnapricsnap (193 posts) • 0

At the 3rd floor of the Municipal hospital they do standard earhole piercings. And for cheap. It's the one located in front of Kunming hotel and one of the O'Reilly Irish pubs. They used to have a laser gun. Have no idea on whether they could do a hole on another position than the lobe though.

TAEYEON (9 posts) • 0

Thank you for the replies. I will check these places out. If anyone knows of other places that do piercings, please let me know!

Andrew_AWS (34 posts) • 0

You could try the tattoo studio on the corner of wenlinjie 文林街 and wenhuaxiang 文化巷, near Sal's. They do piercings and some of the staff must have problems getting through a metal detector.

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