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Forums > Study > Place to study some culture/history?

Thanks everyone. I was kind of hoping to attend some classes in person, since I also want to do it for the social aspect, but your links and comments are really helpful, I'll check them out!

Forums > Study > Place to study some culture/history?

Thanks for the link nnoble. I'll check it out. I'm mostly asking for Chinese culture/history course I thought that would be the most easily available option. Plus I studied history in uni and miss it...the online course might help fill that void.

Ricsnap..I'm sad to hear there used to be something like that in Kunming but not anymore...It sounds like the kind of thing I might be looking for...

Forums > Study > Place to study some culture/history?

Does Kunming have any cultural centers or universities that offer weekly classes on Chinese culture or history? I'm not looking for Chinese language classes, since I already take those.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting tattoo's and piercings in Kunming

I know there are topics about this already, but they seem outdated or have little information. So I'd like to share my personal experience here and I hope others will add information too!

I got a cartilage piercing in my ear done at a little store near Salvador's/Mandarin bookstore. Walk down the street that Salvador's entrance is on and go towards the Mandarin Bookstore, near the end you should see a little shop with a lot of earrings inside. The lady that runs the shop does not speak English, but pictures and pointing at the area will get you a long way. My piercing didn't hurt at all and the hygiene part seemed pretty good to me. The store sells many earrings but no jewelry for piercings unfortunately . Price for the piercing was around 80 yuan .

Location: Wenhua Alley / Wen Hua Xiang / 文化巷


Wechat ID: tattoo-9

I got a simple text tattoo done by this artist. She has a small studio in an apartment building. The tattoo I got was very simple so I can't comment too much on her skills but it seems to be done very nicely. It was my first tattoo and she made me feel comfortable and it was a good experience. She doesn't speak much English, but communication using WeChat translations worked fine. The tattoo was very cheap: I payed around 300 yuan.

Location: near the subway stop on Bei Chen Da Dao - Beijing Lu / 北辰大道 - 北京路


Wechat ID - 15912195291

Mengni is amazing! She did a watercolor style tattoo for me that looks like a painting. Her prices are closed to what you would pay in Europe but to me it was totally worth it. Unfortunately she doesn't live in Kunming for most of the year so you have to be lucky to catch her when she is here, but I think her art is worth waiting for, My session was pretty long and painful but the tattoo turned out great and now I want more :)

She works from a tattoo shop close to Cuihu and speaks great English.

Location: just off Yuantong Jie - 圆通街

I hope this is helpful, if you have anything/ anyone to add to this list please do !


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