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fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Dear people

Any place in KMG to train in Krav-Maga(I heard there's kind of at Ring King?)/Pencak-Silat/Kudo/Systema?

Any others local styles/places to recommand?

Best regards

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Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Local styles. You are referring to styles from Israel, Japan and Indonesia. Kungfu (tai-qi, qigong) is the local thing, why not go for that. Why would anyone practise Krav-Maga in China, the land of Kungfu.

michael2015 (667 posts) • 0

there's a poster named taijijulia who teaches Chen style Taiji. Chen style is more dynamic than the Yang style you see practiced in parks.

There's also a teacher of LoHan (luohan?) style taiji, which is allegedly directly derived from shaolin and is VERY martial. The teacher has a son who has a formal school in some of the major shopping centers (golden eagle?) etc.

Visit the green lake campus of yunda in the mornings around 10am and you'll see the practitioners subtly training.

Definitely not as lethally combat specific as krav - but it's definitely and specifically the combat version of taiji, which maybe more to your liking - although it does NOT stress the high impact sparring and lethality of krav and other harder styles.

For hardcore martial arts practitioners - most add taiji to their retinue as it focuses more on the softer aspects of martial arts - non-crippling, non-lethal (but just as capable) wrist and joint locking, blocking, and non-lethal, non-crippling threat neutralization.

Sometimes - you'll need or want the ability to neutralize without killing or crippling, to make your point.

Daithi (426 posts) • 0

"Sometimes - you'll need or want the ability to neutralize without killing or crippling, to make your point.".......quite often I hope :) Anyway great post! Likewise the Guanxi thread!

fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Thanks a lot for your informations,and will try to check Lohan/luohan taiji style.Besides I off course agree with you and Daithi.I'm grateful.

fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Plus,if you allow me,I would like to bring a precision about Krav Maga;in spite of not being an expert.It's true most of its technics aim to cause high pain/damages;just like in traditional Gong Fu,Bu-Jutsu etc.But it contains much more control technics than specificaly lethal ones.There's not so many of these,and generally instructors insist much more on a correct primary defense move,than on killing at the end;also prsenting escape as an acceptable option.Friendly regards FS

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

From my understanding of martial arts, there is no lethal level of martial arts. And all are equally effective, for the purpose. I have seen and studied Krav Maga for a while but I didn't think it was very effective. It advertises to be but from what I have seen, people go out in the streets, thinking they are invincible and get hurt really bad.
The best martial artists I have seen were taijiquan practitioners and MMA fighters. All martial arts are good, but none is lethal. How lethal it gets, is up to, how brutal you want to go on the guy begging for his life. Otherwise, there is no Jet Li three finger acupuncture fist, killing a man instantaneously.

My advice, find the martial art, you think is pretty, or easy to learn. Study hard and you will be able to protect yourself.
Since you are in China, try kungfu, or taijiquan, you can learn good Krav Maga, or other styles anywhere on earth, but China is kungfu territory. Why not trying it, while residing in Kunming.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

@ hammer: I think we probably agree, but I would put it differently: it's lethal if you want it to be and know how to use it to make it so.
Note that the Mandarin Chinese word from which westerners created the term 'kungfu' is not the name of a martial art, but a term that means something like 'spirit' or 'ability', including 'fighting spirit' or 'fighting ability'. The general word for 'martial arts' is wushu.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Yunnan used to have tantric martial arts and war art "magicians" that threw spells which burned up villages and what not. In Ming dynasty chronicles - after Ming took over Yunnan - we can find (in Mingshilu) that these tantric war art magicians were still used by Ming officials to quell rebellions.

Now how about that as "local". What fabshq (or anyone else) needs to do is to dig up some old documents with mantras and such. And learn related rituals. Maybe Naxi had some too, documented by Rock.

The Ari priests knew rituals related. I recently visited Shaxi and there was a fire festival to Mahakala going on, and this was clearly tantric.

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