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non-invasive map app

hasenmanhasenman (48 posts) • 0

Anyone know a good map app to download that doesn't read all your private data (contacts, messages, call logs, etc.) that the major map apps do?

Xiefei (533 posts) • 0

What system are you using? Most of them (including more recent versions of android) allow you to deny those permissions.

I've recently been using 高德地图. It does ask for a bunch of permissions, but less than Baidu Maps, which also has an annoying habit of running in the background and hogging processor power and energy. It's pretty good for China, though it's all in Chinese.

You can also use Baidu Maps right in your phone's browser. It constantly tells you to install the app, but it works.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

This question was asked recently. 'Maps.me' was one suggestion. I tried it and it worked well for me in Thailand. Not used it much here but works well enough around town.

hasenmanhasenman (48 posts) • 0

@Xiefei, I have MIUI android. It used to allow me to turn off permissions before, but doesn't seem to with these map apps for some reason.

I tried Gaode but it won't let me turn off permissions as well.

Maybe I need to re-install MIUI? :/ It says it's updated.

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