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Scuba divers in Kunming

jooyoung (3 posts) • 0

Hello! I want to share information about scuba diving here.

Now I started studying Chinese from this semester but I've been worked as scuba diving instructor for a few years in Malaysia and Thailand.

I was missing diving as the weather getting warmer and it's been a few weeks already I've been away from the sea. And then one of my friend told me people dive here at lake in Kunming(not green lake) from April. Also many people are trying and learning scuba diving as well.

So if you're interested in diving here, we can try together! I'm really curious about the fresh water diving and conditions!! Also, I can share anything about diving-where is the good place to dive, how's the course going etc..

So anything you want to know about diving or share the information, text me!

wechat ID: diverjooyoung

lemon lover (990 posts) • 0

Hi jooyoung.
Realise that the local lakes here are at 2000 metres above sea level. That makes it quite dangerous to dive here and is nothing comparable with diving at sea level. Just want to be sure you realise that and that you need specific training for high altitude diving.

The local lake at Kunming (Dianchi) is zero visibility diving and not much fun. Fuxian lake is better and has some old ruins underwater but is very cold.
Have fun.

jooyoung (3 posts) • 0

it's good to know you dived there already, but altitude diving is not 'dangerous' if you properly prepared and trained.

And I can imagine itll be not exiting or good condition as diving in Thailand or Malaysia sea, but it's new adventure for me.

I'll try and lets see!

vicar (817 posts) • 0

There you go again lemon. What is it this time? The lakes will suddenly dry up and you will fall and break your neck on the floor? There are much more extreme sports than scuba at high altitude. Jumping out of planes is dangerous but people still do it. It's known as 'enjoying your life'

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

I have been diving many times in Fuxian lake as well as Thailand and Bali. Fuxian lake is an ok place to practice but there is virtually nothing to see down there. Visibility is very low and it is quite cold. There are some small fishes and small shrimp as well as some rocks and water grass stuff. That's about it. There are a few local diving clubs that do group dives there from time to time as well as diving training and certification. It is always nice to dive so of course if you get the chance go for it.

As far as diving at 2000 meters there is very little different from diving at sea level technique-wise. The only major difference is that all the charts for the amount of time that you can be at certain depths have to be adjusted to compensate for the fact that when you come out of the water you still are at 2000 meters worth of pressure so the extra time for nitrogen to work itself out of your bloodstream has to be accounted for. So your time being at depth at high altitudes has to be reduced and then the time between consecutive dives and the depth you can go to have to also be calculated accordingly. The dive charts have easy ways to account for all of this. Not complicated.

Have fun!

lemon lover (990 posts) • 0

Well summed up by MoonPie with respect to the underwater times but it will take less, not more, time for the nitrogen to come out on the surface and there lays the problem. I have seen risky decompression periods because people felt to cold and went up to quick. Anyway the lack of things to see and the low temperature will compensate for underwater time ;-)
And indeed have fun.

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