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Women's Sports Group

xiaococo (53 posts) • 0

I've seen the men's rugby team, and it looks very fun, but are there any team sports for ladies out there? Like soccer or something? Would be awesome if it exists, mix of English and Chinese speakers, great way to get fit! Thanks

polarbear17 (9 posts) • 0

Hi, there! I'm interested in local sports teams for women, too! Are any of these opportunities still active? Thanks a bunch!

Merzei (101 posts) • 0

Hi @polarbear71 Kunming Rugby has a mens and a womens team. New hplayers of ability are always welcome.

We have a mixed game of touch today (21/07) at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

You can find the address here: www.gokunming.com/[...]

Note that we are starting at 1 PM today NOT 2 PM.

You - and anybody else -are very welcome to join!

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