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Vanilla Beans

Bridget (7 posts) • 0

Does anyone know where to find Vanilla Beans in Kunming?
I'd like to try making my own Vanilla Extract.


Dr Doom (14 posts) • 0

I've had a hard enough time finding vanilla extract, sorry. I haven't checked Paul's yet, but I will soon. I will make sure and check for beans too. Stuff like that is hard to find as Chinese don't use it and cooking foreign in China is too diffucult for most Expats.

Checked Metro, Carrefour, and a supposed foreign commercial cooking supply market.

Have you checked Paul's Shop?

Bridget (7 posts) • 0

Yeah, they have Pure Vanilla Extract there but it is SO expensive. Like 50 kuai for 1 small bottle. No vanilla beans though!!

barekarma (11 posts) • 0

I got some local Vanilla Extract from a Chinese home shop behind Walmart Xiao Xie Min. It was 12 kuai for a small bottle. It is not as good as the imported stuff, but at 12 kuai you can afford to use more. The place is inside a residential block (actually part of the family home) so find the place is really difficult. But they will send someone out to guide you if you call them. Mobile 13668779580, ask for Nina. They also have email 1208coco@163.com. They also sell baking tins, etc. for ovens. They are a friendly couple, but don't speak English that much. There is also a web site shop34541240.taobao.com. I have not used the web site. No vanilla beans either!

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

You can buy a bottle of McCormick vanilla extract at Aunties in ChunY Yuan. It's certainly not cheap, but it's not to bad expensive.

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