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Vegetarian restaurants?

rogertwotimes (49 posts) • 0

Does anyone have a list of local vegetarian restaurants, or any good recommendations for such? Thank you.

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

Hard to start a food war on the forum these days roger ;) HFCAMPO's got them all closed down instantly with a few well placed links lol

Missed reading the Burger King wars when they finished on here, they were a good laugh to read :)

rogertwotimes (49 posts) • 0

I am not trying to start a food war. I am trying to find out more about local restaurants.

ricsnapricsnap (186 posts) • 0

The most lovely one is within the Lotus pond. 10¥ for the closest to real, present day experience of how the world looks like (landscape-wise) in China.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

Tofu and veg hotpot / meat free -everywhere, various tofu dishes, goats cheese and wide variety of veg - everywhere. There's a cheap veg buffet near hump hostel (around 19 kuai) if it's still there. Failing that, you can try the temples - free but welcome donations

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