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wanderlust9 (35 posts) • 0

Does anyone know of any websites that provide subtitling for popular Western TV shows?

My Chinese friend is looking for Chinese subtitles for Game of Thrones, but we don't know where to look...She says there aren't any free Chinese sites that have the show.

Thanks for any help!

The Scouser (41 posts) • 0

Whenever I have tried putting Chinese subs onto VLC Player it always just shows as boxes and question marks. Any tips to make them show as normal?

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

@The Scouser: First, upgrade VLC to the latest version. Boxes and question marks could mean either you don't have a font for Chinese (very unlikely these days), you've specifically selected and enforced a font with no Chinese characters as your subtitling font in the VLC settings, or the character set used to store the text file containing the subtitles is not the character set VLC expects. I assume that most .srt or other subtitle files are unicode (UTF-8) and that's what it expects. If that were the case, a fix would be to attempt to use a character set conversion utility to sort this out, eg. if I remember correctly in Windows you can use wordpad to file|open and file|save with character set selected. Otherwise, use 'iconv' or a frontend for it, or look up the problem to find other people's solutions.

Krismoonpie (78 posts) • 0

I use zimuku.net for most movie subtitles. Not sure if they have tv shows up there too. To fix the subtitles not displaying properly I use a free software called aegisub. Just use aegisub to open the subtitle file then export the subtitle as a .ass file (tee hee) usually clears it right up then just open the same way with vlc.

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