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Average rent of an apartment

GoKunming (143 posts) • +2

You may be better off looking on Hongshan Dong Lu (very close to the locations you mentioned). A basic furnished 1-bed apartment in an old building in this area maybe runs 1000rmb/month. But that's really basic (tiny kitchen, bad water pressure, closet bathroom). For a newish furnished studio with sunlight and maybe a balcony, you would need to pay around 2000rmb minimum.

Liumingke1234 (3250 posts) • 0

If you're coming here next year, you should wait until about one month to actually inquire because every year the rents go up basically. When next year are you planning to arrive?

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

Hi All, I will need an apartment near Kunming University of Science and Technology (South Gate). Proposed time of arrival to Kunming is February 17-18 (2018). The apartment needs to include the following: kitchen, toilet, shower, all furniture and appliances required for me and my wife to normally live in there. Waiting for your proposals...

alienew (423 posts) • 0

How much do you want to spend? And I think you need to be more specific about what furniture and appliances, etc., you want.

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

The toilet needs to be clean with no awful smell. We need a clean apartment not a "bombed" one. If there is a proposal here is my wechat # +77004287177

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