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Wordprezz CMS Alternatives

nailer (99 posts) • 0

What CMS systems are available in china for building a website, possibly with a small amount of ecommerce ability.


marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

Why not Wordpress? Many think it the best, and you can use in China.

nailer (99 posts) • 0

WP is allowed now???

I dont mind paying a fee for a theme/functionality.

For example im looking at www.wix.com/ but Im worried it might be banned in the future, so Im wondering is there a site builder that is available for the chinese market that doesnt require coding skills. Although I will do some css styling.

nailer (99 posts) • 0

as for shopping function Im thinking an option for Alipay maybe. something simple, like PayPal etc.

marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

wordpress.org you can make your own site. If you mean using wordpress.com, then not allowed, no.

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