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Wordprezz CMS Alternatives

marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

nailer it's on and off, but you can still design website with Wordpress software.

nailer (99 posts) • 0

Im trying to access a WP made test site I have. Its not working without a VPM.

Can you show some examples that work?

Does anybody know what people in China use to build sites?!?

atwillden (109 posts) • 0

WP in China is a bit hit and miss. You might want to try out Drupal instead. It has a higher learning curve than WP, but it operates very well in China as many Chinese firms/entities use it. If you want a quick demo for getting a Drupal site running, try spinning one up on Pantheon.org and seeing if it loads in China. The trick for getting it (or any other CMS) to run in China is to make sure the site installation is not dependent on google services or similar. Lots of WP and Drupal themes use Google Fonts, this causes the sites to not load in China. I've spun up and ran about 10 Drupal sites in China with no problem loading. Feel free to PM me if you need some help.

Alexez (349 posts) • 0

Well, if you want to sell stuff in China 4 People of China, I d suggest to build a website on Chinese server, rather then outside. I had a online shop on very good server in EU and worked fine there. Here as well until IP of BJ institute of technology and security showed up quite often in my back office. Thery were scanning my stuff and slowing down the site loading or sometimes blocking it ( I didnt sell any ilegal stuff ) . I guess even for SEO sake and targeting its better have it here rather outside, coz not sure baidu would find you. U can find some affordable webdesigners here, maybe even foreigners.

nailer (99 posts) • 0

alexez, well yeah thats the kind of thing im worried about.

Im building the site for a local busines here in kunming. I have some experience building sites and know html/css. But usually I was working on front end development so CMS system are a little new to me.

marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

nailer, wordpress.org work fine for me. Also, if you build a site with wordpress, you can access just fine: China has no way of knowing how you built site.

marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

nailer, also use Hong Kong for host: they are usually fast and work just fine in mainland, without being slowed down by mainland controls.

zingu (18 posts) • 0

hey... I use wordpress and deploy in HK server, wordpress has pluggins for Ali Pay and even QQ and WeChat... I do this for living... send me a note if I can help.

bucko (694 posts) • 0

Ive been hosting my WP site for 10 years in CHina. I just built a second one as well. Never have any problems with it in China.

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