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Join-in-group tour

Jjodiyl (20 posts) • 0

Hi, anyone knows travel agency that provides a join-in-group service? Meaning that the agency offers a tour package for individual tourist who is willing to travel at a lower cost by joining a group of people going for the same destination?


Francois_M (4 posts) • 0

Hi, if you find one, I'm interested too ;-)
I'll travel in Yunnan in July on my own. When id your trip ?

Jjodiyl (20 posts) • 0

I am exploring Kunming city for the past few days...

Going for few cities such as Dali, Lijiang soon, probably next week.

laofengzi (376 posts) • 0

do not use wondersofyunnan. their fees are stupid expensive. i went to xishuanabana for 4 day 3 nights all included for 498 yuan. use 美团 or a local travel agency.

opper (52 posts) • 0

If you go with a Chinese-oriented group, the trip will be less expensive for certain but you will stop several times to buy silly nonsense not related for the destination. Also if you are not Chinese and try to go with these groups you will either not be allowed because of insurance issues (I've been told to go home once after booking with a group to stone forest) or you will get tons of potentially unwanted attention. If you like stopping several times on the way and being asked what country you're from, if you're married, and if you think your country is better than china, etc a dozen times per trip, then maybe Chinese-oriented tours are a good option

Huiman (13 posts) • 0

Join a local group is not recommended as it varies in quality in terms of service and offering. Most importantly, the group mates tend to be most middle-aged. U got no way to communicate and enjoy well.

So, the best solution is:1, buy u a train ticket 2, book a hostel 3, find cohort companies in Dali and Lijiang.

If need more info, free to let me know.

good Luck

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