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Where to go in Yunnan?

Manuelo (2 posts) • 0

Hi, nice site, I live in Nanjing and want to get out of this heat... is anywhere in Yunnan going to be cool at this time of year? Like Dali? Lijiang? Or is it just hot everywhere in this country this time of year? Thanks for yr help.

calyx (12 posts) • 0

The higher up you get on the Tibetan Plateau (elevation-wise) the cooler the nights with the days still warm this time of year. Outside Zhongdian as it gets toward fall is bound to be nice, or if you're up for the bus ride, the area surrounding Deqin is beautiful at about 11,000 feet. Can't get much cooler than low-elevation glaciers this time of year. Can fly into Zhongdian, then take a six-hr bus ride to Deqin, rent a car for pretty cheap out to Mingyong village at the base of the glacier, and hike around. Otherwise Zhongdian is about 13-hr overnight bus for aroun 160Y from Kunming. Dali's nice too, happy travels.

geteven (15 posts) • 0

Honestly pretty much everywhere from Kunming northwest will be a lot more comfortable than Nanjing this time of year. Even in Kunming and Dali, you'll want a long-sleeved shirt for the cool rainy days or most evenings. I just got back from Zhongdian (Shangrila) last week and it is downright cold in the mornings. Bring a jacket.

As a side note, if you're planning to go to Zhongdian, there are two things to keep in mind: first, it is best to stay in or near the old city. The rooms are better, the food is better, the atmosphere is better. Second, get out of the town as much as possible. Its kind of awful unless you make day trips out. And don't worry about getting up early, there's almost no nightlife so it won't be hard.

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