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Automatic redirects to wpkg.org

Lorena (58 posts) • 0

I've been having this problem for some days now: open a web page, and the second it loads, it redirects to wpkg.
I thought some malware had found its way into my computer, when I finally found a thread that explained all: it's the new fun toy of the Chinese wall that does it...
If anyone else is having this annoying problem, I found a very easy way around it: use Firefox, and open the page that gets redirected in a private window/tab. That should stop it from happening

Lorena (58 posts) • 0

Haha, thanks, that's very sweet, but the truth is I'm mostly a technology idiot savant with a knack for finding solutions that require no technical skills whatsoever ;-)

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

I saw on wechat that Chinese authorities had released a statement saying it was ALL down to an overseas hacker. So, now you know! :D
Are you guys still being affected by this? The post from China Wire says the problem had been resolved.

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