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Good Hairdresser - contact details needed!!

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

I need to get a proper haircut and I am looking for advice! I remember a few months ago a friend of mine was telling me to go and see this hairdresser in the north of town, but I can't find her contact anymore.

My friend was saying this girl had lived in the West for many years, and her name was (not 100% sure!) Celina. Does anybody know her and has her contact number?! or the address??
If not, any advice about a good hairdresser in town would be appreciated.

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

hi!thanks for your reply. won't be good for me, but maybe for some other friends. how much would an haircut be?? where exactly is he??

disco cindo (41 posts) • 0

I got my haircut by a great foreign hairdresser in my home! Great price, great service and she travels a bit around Kunming she said. My husband ended up getting his hair cut too and we were both very happy. :) PM me if you are still looking.

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